Tai and Nina participating in MentorAbility program through Youth Culture

What happens when you bring two creative geniuses together for an hour of virtual connection? An experience of trailblazing inspiration and mentorship! Through the MentorAbility Program, Volunteer Site Partner Youth Culture was able to connect the talented Tai Young with Factory Theatre Art Director and Mentor Nina Lee Aquino.

During this one-hour virtual mentorship, Tai and Nina spoke about storytelling, creative expression, and career paths. Tai’s love of writing, poetry, and anthropology sparked innovative and creative ideas from Nina connecting his passions to a beautiful intersection of harmony. Nina pointed out that we are currently living in such an important time in history regarding the pandemic and there’s an opportunity for anthropology and the arts to come together in a podcast or other creative outlet.

Since Tai has extensive experience on camera and communicating with people, he’s a natural for sharing his authentic self through conversations about humanity, the everyday evolution of society, and inspiring insights. Nina brilliantly connected Tai’s interests and passions into a trailblazing package of opportunity.

We are thrilled that both Tai and Nina participated in the MentorAbility program and we can’t wait to see where Tai’s journey takes him!

Find out more about the MentorAbility Program and Youth Culture here.