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Youth Culture is proud to present our Industry Interview Series: one-on-one interviews hosted by Youth Culture Youth Team members with Industry Experts. Check out snippets of the interviews in the videos below and the extended interviews can be found on Spotify too! Or listen to them from the links below.

Ep. 46:
Ep. 46:Rei Watanabe on Careers, Adversities and Women in STEM
Ep. 45:
Ep. 45:Braden Johnston on Facing Adversities and Reconciliation
Ep. 44:
Ep. 44:FinTech, Entrepreneurship and Courage Over Comfort with Jerry Lo
Ep. 43:
Ep. 43:Mighty Machines, Sustainability, and STEM Careers with Justin Koscak
Ep. 42 :
Ep. 42 :All About Harvard with Namirah Quadir
Ep. 41:
Ep. 41:Talking Finance with Duane Francis
Ep. 40:
Ep. 40:Tech, Careers and Giving Back with Montez Knowles
Ep. 39:
Ep. 39:YC in Conversation with Alanna Wener
Ep. 38:
Ep. 38:In Conversation with Kathleen Wynne
Ep. 37:
Ep. 37:Veterinary Careers with Dr. Pavneesh Madan
Ep. 36:
Ep. 36:Writing and Inspiration with Kendra Brown
Ep. 35:
Ep. 35:Space Engineering with Megan Gran
Ep. 34:
Ep. 34:The Future of Space with Zac Trolley
Ep. 33:
Ep. 33:Bionics and Future Tech with Erik Lloyd
Ep. 32:
Ep. 32:Diversity and Inclusion with Cal Rolle
Ep. 31:
Ep. 31:3D Printing with Mitch Debora
Ep. 30:
Ep. 30:Journalism and Film with Elizabeth St. Philip
Ep. 29:
Ep. 29:Sheun Ishola talks Inspiration and Impact
Ep. 28:
Ep. 28:Augmented Reality with Nicolas Bearzatto
Ep. 27:
Ep. 27:Skills & Development with Minister McNaughton
Ep. 26:
Ep. 26:Talking Tech with John Muffolini
Ep. 25:
Ep. 25:Engineering Innovation with WSP
Ep. 24:
Ep. 24:What's Up With YC: Youth Activism
Ep. 23:
Ep. 23:Accessibility & Inclusion with Wanda Deschamps
Ep. 22:
Ep. 22:Mohammed Ashour from Aspire Food Group
Ep. 21:
Ep. 21:A Conversation with Natalie Wood
Ep. 20:
Ep. 20:Women in STEM with Dela Karimi
Ep. 19:
Ep. 19:Manufacturing with Rhonda Barnet
Ep. 18:
Ep. 18:Dahabo Ahmed Omer & the BlackNorth Initiative
Ep. 17:
Ep. 17:Talking to Chief Robotics Officer Connor Shannon
Ep. 16:
Ep. 16:Design and Inspiration with Jill Monsod
Ep. 15
Ep. 15Innovation and Youth with Jayson Myers
Ep. 14:
Ep. 14:Heavy Rescue 401 and Collin Vandenheuvel
Ep. 13:
Ep. 13:The Legendary Walls Family
Ep. 12:
Ep. 12:Gloria Blizzard on Remembrance Day
Ep. 11:
Ep. 11:Retired Cpl. Jim McLean on his Journey
Ep. 10:
Ep. 10:Video Games & Careers with the CEO of VOLTA
Ep. 9:
Ep. 9:Entrepreneurship and STEM with Kyla Bolden
Ep. 8:
Ep. 8:Konnichiwa Japan with Hideo Yamane
Ep. 7:
Ep. 7:Diversity in Film with Kaaren Whitney-Vernon
Ep. 6:
Ep. 6:COVID-19, Gratitude and Conversation with YC
Ep. 5:
Ep. 5:Technology & COVID-19 with Chris Fabes
Ep. 4:
Ep. 4:Back to School New Realities for 2nd Year
Ep. 3:
Ep. 3:Adversities & Resilience with Nina Lee Aquino
Ep. 2:
Ep. 2:Sports, Fitness & Rosa Parks with Sam Walls
Ep. 1:
Ep. 1:Content Creation & Dreams with Xania Khan