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Youth Culture is proud to present our Industry Interview Series: one-on-one interviews hosted by Youth Culture Youth Team members with Industry Experts. Check out snippets of the interviews in the videos below and the extended interviews can be found on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or listen to them from the links below.

Episode 1: Motorcycles, Content Creation and Living your Dream with Xania Khan

Don’t miss the very first episode of the Youth Culture Podcast! Youth Team member Binal interviews the fearlessly talented Xania Khan and talks about marketing, apps, content creation, Youth Culture and her passion for motorcycles.


Episode 2: Sports, Fitness and Rosa Parks with Sam Walls

In this episode of Youth Culture’s Podcast, Youth Team member Jada Wallace interviews sports and fitness industry expert Sam Walls. Jada and Sam talk about sports and fitness, and Sam shares his experience and family history with the Underground Railroad and the John Freeman Walls Historic Site.

“Black history is all of our history.” – Sam Walls


Episode 3: Adversities, Resilience and Empowerment with Nina Lee Aquino

Youth Team member and actor Tai Young interviews leading Filipina-Canadian director and dramaturge Nina Lee Aquino. As the Artistic Director of Factory Theatre and an award-winning director in Toronto, Nina talks about the impact of COVID-19 on the theatre and entertainment industry. Her and Tai discuss career paths, adversities, inclusion and empowerment.


Episode 4: Back to School New Realities for 2nd Year

Youth Culture’s Kim Cooper talks to 2nd Year University students Clover Joseph and Shahed Saleh about the impact of COVID-19 and the realities of back to school.

Episode 5: Technology, Careers and COVID-19 with Chris Fabes

Youth Culture Team Member Masimba interviews Chris Fabes from Lenovo. Masimba and Chris engage in a compelling and entertaining conversation about technology, careers, and COVID-19.

Episode 6: What’s Up with YC: COVID-19, Gratitude and Conversation

Youth Culture Youth Team members discuss COVID-19, gratitude and things they’re thankful for. Kamaldeep leads the discussion with Binalpreet, Madeline, Masimba, and Shreya.

Episode 7: Diversity and Inclusion in the Film Industry with Kaaren Whitney-Vernon

Youth Team member Jada Wallace interviews Kaaren Whitney-Vernon, SVP of Branded Entertainment at Shaftesbury. Jada and Kaaren talk about diversity and inclusion in the film industry, gentrification in communities, and career paths.

Episode 8: Konnichiwa Japan with Hideo Yamane

Youth Culture President Kim Cooper hosts a conversation about anime, manga, and the state of COVID-19 between Youth Team member Sydney and Hideo Yamane from Kanagawa, Japan.

Youth Culture podcast: Sydney and HIdeo

Episode 9: Entrepreneurship and STEM Education with Kyla Bolden

Youth Team member Madeline Leslie interviews entrepreneur Kyla Bolden. Madeline and Kyla talk about starting your own business, STEM education, and diversity and inclusion. Kyla Bolden is a Bermudian born entrepreneur with a focus on empowering others through tech-focused businesses. Now living in Toronto, Canada, Kyla holds a Bachelor of Arts & Science from Tufts University in Boston, MA – in which she graduated with honours. She is the co-founder and CEO of Wiz Kid Coding – a Coding & STEM educational company that works collaboratively with school boards, education institutions and organizations to provide innovative online and in-person coding and digital literacy programs for children.