Episode 26: Talking about Technology with John Muffolini

Technology, Media, and Telecommunication John Muffolini

In this episode, Youth Team Member Jaimil talks tech with MNP’s John Muffolini who’s the National Leader, Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT). With years of experience in a variety of different positions, John Muffolini brings strong insights on technology and innovation making this an episode you don’t want to miss.

John Muffolini holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Toronto and has used his knowledge at companies like Deloitte, SHOP.ca, and now MNP. He has extensive software experience and used this to help many large corporations through client service relationships. John is also an active independent advisor to BrightIron Board of Directors and Founders. As a technology industry leader for MNP, specializing in technology, media, telecommunications, John is responsible for client service across all service lines including assurance and advisory, tax, valuation, consulting, and IT/risk.

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