Youth Culture Binal

Youth Culture Youth Advisory Team Member

Binalpreet Kalra is an up and coming senior from the GTA. Ever since she was a toddler, the arts have been a huge part of her life. Binalpreet loves to express herself and the stories of others through visual arts and film. Currently, she is leading an organization that provides STEM-learning opportunities to middle school students, studying neuroscience concepts, and raising donations for youth homeless shelters. She immerses herself in doing whatever she can to help others. Aside from career aspirations to pursue engineering and/or health sciences, she strives to promote justice in her community and globally.

Binalpreet’s Podcasts

Episode 1: Content Creation and Dreams with Xania Khan

Binal hosted Youth Culture’s very first episode of our Industry Interview Podcast! Binal interviewed the fearlessly talented Xania Khan and talked about marketing, apps, content creation, YC, and her passion for motorcycles.

Episode 15: Innovation and Youth with Jayson Myers

Listen to Binal and fellow Youth Team Member Jaimil interview Jason Myers, President of NGen, about Canada’s innovation in advanced manufacturing, the COVID-19 response, and NGen’s future initiatives to engage youth.

Episode 18: Dahabo Ahmed Omer on the BlackNorth Initiative

YC team members Binalpreet Kalra and Jada Wallace interviewed Dahabo Ahmed Omer, Executive Director of BlackNorth. Dahabo, Binal and Jada talk about careers, allies against racism, and making a difference.

Episode 19: Advanced Manufacturing with Rhonda Barnet

In this episode, Youth Team member Binalpreet Kalra spoke to the President and COO of AVIT Manufacturing and NGen Board of Director Member Rhonda Barnet. Advanced Manufacturing, careers, and sponsorship are some of the many interesting topics covered in this episode!