Jada Wallace Youth Culture

Youth Culture Youth Advisory Team Member

Jada Wallace has a bright smile and an even brighter personality. She has a deep appreciation for involvement in extra curricular activities and has demonstrated her leadership capabilities through organizing and planning events, joining sports teams, and participating in clubs. Jada has worked on many community engagement projects,  as an ambassador with the GLE (Grow, Lead, Excel) organization. Her work has emphasized the importance of charity, finding innovative ways to improve the communities in the Greater Toronto Area. Jada’s plan for the future to is to tell important stories and make people laugh through film as a director. She is in grade 12 and lives in Mississauga, Ontario.

Jada’s Podcasts

Episode 1: Sports, Fitness, and Rosa Parks with Sam Walls

Jada interviewed sports and fitness industry expert Sam Walls. Jada and Sam talked about sports and fitness, and Sam shared his experience and family history with the Underground Railroad and the John Freeman Walls Historic Site.

“Black history is all of our history.” – Sam Walls

Episode 7: Diversity and Inclusion with Kaaren Whitney-Vernon

In this episode, Youth Team member Jada Wallace interviews Kaaren Whitney-Vernon, SVP of Branded Entertainment at Shaftesbury. Jada and Kaaren talk about diversity and inclusion in the film industry, gentrification in communities, and career paths.

Episode 12: Gloria Blizzard on Remembrance Day

In this episode, Youth Team member Jada had the opportunity to interview Gloria Blizzard. Gloria is a writer, poet, and inspiring role model. Gloria also talked about her dad Dr. Stephen Blizzard and her family’s journey.

Episode 13: The Legendary Wall’s Family

In this episode, Youth Team member Jada interviews Dr. Bryan Walls and his son Sam Walls. They talk about the Underground Railroad, the legendary Walls’ family history, and Rosa Parks.