Namirah Quadir

MentorAbility Program Support

A student advocate and non-profit leader since the age of 14, Namirah Quadir strives to foster civic engagement and innovation through effective, equitable and empathetic leadership. She is the President of Project Northern Lights – a national COVID-19 response group that provides personal protective equipment to Canada’s most marginalized populations, including those in shelters, long-term care homes and Indigenous reserves. Beyond this role, Namirah is a student trustee for her school board, where she focuses on eliminating systemic inequalities and improving accessibility to mental health resources. Namirah hopes to pursue a future career at the intersection of medicine and entrepreneurship with the aim of championing broader access to healthcare and education for underserved communities. Outside of her academic and professional engagements, Namirah finds delight in learning languages, breeding fish, and brewing bubble tea.