MentorAbility Program with Youth Culture

There are 6. 2 million Canadians with a disability and they have a lot to offer to Canada’s workforce. They have skills, passion and talents to share.

MentorAbility is a national supported employment initiative that provides an opportunity for education and awareness to be shared between employers and people experiencing a disability in communities across Canada.

Youth Culture is supporting the MentorAbility program by helping match job seekers (Protégés) with employers for mentorship. MentorAbility offers employers an opportunity to meet with individuals with a disability who have a passion and interest for their business.

​Through the MentorAbility program, Youth Culture will help match a mentor with a Protégé who wants to learn more about that workplace or career. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all placements will take place virtually on Zoom.

MentorAbility is an inclusive approach to workplace integration of people experiencing disability. It is designed to:

  1. ​Assist employers to become more successful in employing people with disabilities by utilizing mentoring relationships along with creative human resources recruitment and outreach strategies.

  2. Recognize and celebrate mentoring success stories as part of the national effort to promote the employment and full citizenship of Canadians experiencing disabilities.  ​

The potential benefits for employers and mentors:

  • MentorAbility is free and there is no expectation of a job offer.
  • Employers can utilize MentorAbility to improve their inclusive recruitment, training, and engagement practices.

  • Employers and their staff learn more about workplace inclusion.

  • Employers can easily tap into a pool of competent potential future employees.

  • Participating employers demonstrate community leadership and a commitment to workplace inclusion.

​Interested in Participating as a Mentor? Complete the Signup Form at the link below:

Mentor Signup Form

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