MentorAbility Program with Youth Culture

Are you a person with a disability? Would you like workplace connections and experience? Youth Culture is here to help you through the MentorAbility Program!

MentorAbility is a unique way to explore different types of jobs. It can help you to learn more about jobs that interest you.  You can also learn about possible career paths you could take.

We will match you (the protégé) with an employer.  The employer will be your mentor. The networking experience can last from 1 hour to 1 day long. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, all mentorship experiences will take place virtually on Zoom.

During the experience, you will learn more about that employer’s workplace.  You may also learn more about the careers in that workplace.

It doesn’t matter what your level of education is. You can apply to be a Protégé.  You can take part in MentorAbility Canada. The only things you need are your passion and your interests!

Your MentorAbility Experience could involve any of the following:

  • You could find out more information about a possible career path.

  • You could get advice from people with experience in different types of work.

  • You could have someone from Human Resources give you feedback on your resume.

  • You might do some job-shadowing or observing. So you can see what is involved in a job you are interested in.

  • You could learn more about a certain type of business.

  • You could do a practice interview.

  • You can expand your professional network.

  • You can explore the next steps on your career path.

Youth Culture and MentorAbility love success stories! Successful mentorship opportunities help employers see how to include people with disabilities.

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Questions? Reach out to us! We not only love success stories, we love questions.

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