Sponsors and Collaborators

Youth Culture is grateful and proud of our sponsors, partners, and collaborators who believe in engaging youth in meaningful conversation, real-world problem solving and industry innovation.


TD supporter of Youth Culture

TD is a GOLD Innovation sponsor of Youth Culture. As a top 10 North American bank, TD aims to stand out from its peers by having a differentiated brand – anchored in their proven business model, and rooted in a desire to give their customers, communities and colleagues the confidence to thrive in a changing world.

NGen Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster

NGen logo at Youthculture.com

Youth Culture is proud to be a member of the NGen Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster. NGen is manufacturing and technology alliance of passionate individuals and organizations who are striving to innovate through advanced manufacturing. 

Digital Technology Supercluster

teal logo with the words digital technology supercluster

Youth Culture is thrilled to be an Associate of Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster. The Digital Technology Supercluster is a cross-industry collaboration of diverse and innovative organizations.

The BlackNorth Initiative


Youth Culture President & CEO Kim Cooper has taken the pledge and committed to the BlackNorth Initiative. The BlackNorth Initiative was created by the Canadian Council of Business Leaders Against Anti-Black  Systemic Racism in Corporate Canada. 

What we offer

Youth Culture offers a wide range of expertise and youth engagement including reimagined internships that benefit youth and industry. Youth insight will lead to enhanced policy and product development, new market segments, strategy for growth, and heightened awareness for engaging the next generation.

Strategy and Insights

Grass roots programs, video content, student surveys, youth takeovers, brand strategy, workshops, focus groups, qualitative and quantitative research..

Digital Experiences

Online competitions, problem-solving challenges, gaming environments, online celebrations, award ceremonies, and special announcements.

Live Experiences

In-person and online events, event production, campus tours, company tours, live streaming, and major one-off events.