Career Discovery & Essentials Certificate


Youth Culture is excited to introduce the Career Discovery & Essentials Certificate under its new Learning division. Through Youth Culture Learning, this online certificate program provides students an opportunity to learn about various industries and career paths through participation in Youth Culture’s Industry Learning Pods and Professional Development Workshops. Students will gain exposure to new career opportunities, industry networking meetups, and skill development.


The Requirements for this Certificate include:

-Participation in a total of Eight (8) Youth Culture Learning Professional Development Workshops and Industry Learning Pods

Students who complete the above requirements within four (4) months and submit the affiliated assignments will receive the Career Discovery and Essentials Certificate authorized by Youth Culture Inc.

To be eligible for the Certificate, you must enrol in the Certificate Program here.

After each Workshop and Learning Pod you participate in, you will log in this Certificate Program to complete a short assignment to move onto the next event in the system. When you attend a Youth Culture Learning event, please note the date and name of the workshop to input into the system.

You can see a list of upcoming Workshops and Learning Pods here. Click on the event you would like to attend and register.

We look forward to being a part of your career journey!